Testimonial from a friend

“Between 2008-2011, I gained 70 pounds. Partly due to bad lifestyle choices, but mostly due to a thyroid condition that was finally diagnosed and treated, but no amount of exercise or better food decisions was working to lose weight.  I also quit smoking 3 years ago this past February. Smoking was a major source of stress relief for me. I needed a new outlet.Thats when I decided, with some friends, to start at American Family Fitness to start my journey to get healthy and lose weight. THIS… is where I met Grace for the first time. All I could say at that moment was “I am in trouble”.

Over the past year I gotten to know Grace very well. I am beyond blessed to have met someone like her. I needed her and thank God everyday that she is in my world  .I have never really been an exercise person and when I started this adventure I wasn’t sure that I was going to last, but one thing has been constant… GRACIE.  She has been my rock, my inspiration, my support. I can’t imagine pushing on without her.  I have never met anyone like her. She has such a kind and caring heart. She is so passionate about what she does. She took my sister under her wing and went above and beyond to help her achieve the goals she desired knowing that my sister couldn’t afford to pay what it would normally cost.  As for me. I have had my ups and downs due to personal things in my life and no matter how lost I get and want to give up Gracie has been right there to pick me up and push me forward.  A recent injury has limited my ability to do any intense workout. I expressed this to Grace to let her know I would have to back off some. Within a few days she has researched the injury, came up with a rehabilitation program for me, and modifications for every class I have with her so not fall back in my journey to stay healthy and get fit.The bottom line. There is no one out there that can compare to this amazing woman who I have been blessed with. She is a constant presence with an amazing heart. I could go on and on about all of the amazing things she does for the people she loves and cares about, including myself. If you need someone to help you achieve your goals…You will have come to the right person.   I would need days. I love you Grace Andres and blessed beyond blessed to have you. “Tricia

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