“A year has gone by since I started going to Grace’s classes at Be True To You Fitness. When I first began, I was wary of whether or not I would be able to keep up with her workouts. After going to a few classes, I was hooked. Grace has the wonderful ability to make you smile and push you to your limits. There are days where I’m not sure I can keep up and Grace always helps me push through and reach another level that I never thought I could achieve. I look forward to going to her classes each week because I know they’ll be different from the last, since she always wants to keep the workouts new and fresh. So, thank you Grace for being such an inspiration and friend; your positive energy keeps us going.”- Amanda

“If you are looking to get in shape and to have lots of fun while doing it, then I highly recommend Grace Andres.  I’ve known many fitness instructors through the years, and Grace is by far the best. Grace’s extensive knowledge about fitness shows in every class she teaches.  Even though I go to a minimum of 3 classes a week, the workouts are always different, making me use muscles I never knew I had.  Grace truly possesses a talent to motivate and yet respectfully challenge her clients to the next level.  Even after a long day at work, I look forward to every class because I know I’ll have lots of laughs while also getting in a great workout.  I’m extremely grateful to have met Grace because she’s not only an amazing fitness instructor, but also a wonderful friend.” – Megan

“I started working out with Grace almost 6 months ago. I work out with her once a week for 45 minutes. Since I started, I have felt myself get stronger in my arms and the pain in my legs has lessened. I have felt a positive impact on my body as a whole using her routines. I enjoy them so much too. Even with someone at my weight, she makes the work out easy for me to do yet also challenges me to try harder by increasing the workouts weeks at a time. She also does the workouts by working arms, abs and legs almost with every meeting. She also has helped me on the treadmill and equipment by showing me the right way to work out on them. I have lost 16lbs this year since with Grace and I feel a difference in my whole body. I vastly recommend her. She makes working out actually..FUN!”  – Lisa D.

“As a former college athlete, I thought I knew a lot about exercise and training. Grace’s workouts pushed me to another level. She has the charisma and enthusiasm to push you to your limits! Highly recommend.” – Greg R.

“Grace has been a Godsend for me. Not only has she been a personal trainer, but she’s been a teacher, a motivator, and a friend. She genuinely cares about her clients as individuals and works with us each accordingly. She is tough and she is fun all at the same time. Whether you’re experienced with working out and looking to ramp up to the next level, or if you are just starting out, Grace is the right person for you.” – Patricia Potochniak

“Grace’s workouts are high-energy and full of variety. They give me that extra challenge to look forward to during the week, breaking up a sedentary life in the office.” – Brian C.